We are a group of Vermonters interested in international development issues and topics. We are a place to network, share crazy travel stories, etc.

VTDevNet Lightning Talks and Flood Relief Fundraiser (Burlington

Time for a few presentations!

We had our first event back in May in Burlington and another happy hour in Montpelier in August. Now we’re going to mix it up this month with a new style of meeting - one where we get to hear a bit about what some of the members of this group are wokring on! The idea behind “lightning talks” is that we’ll hear from a bunch of members (around 6 or 7) for 5 minutes each to learn more about some if the interesting work we’re all engaged in. SSG Advisor’s in Burlington have graciously offered to host us in their offices for this meeting so we don’t have to try and crowd around a bar somewhere!


In light of all the devastation throughout the state, we’ve decided to turn this event into a mini-fundraiser. I was planning to have people chip in for pizza and beer, but instead, SSG Advisors has offered to donate the pizza and beer so people can donate $10 for flood relief. All the collected funds will be donated to VT Irene Flood Relief.

Here are some of the presenters we have lined up:

  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters - Supply -chains
  • SSG Advisors
  • Population Media Center
  • Vermont Council on World Affairs
  • Ushahidi and crisis mapping abroad and here at home
  • Stone Environmental Inc.
  • Institute for Sustainable Communities